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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  August 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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attack. good afternoon. here's what people are talking at today. the more we've learned about the army veteran in the mass shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin, it's suzanne mcginnis reporting for wjz that one member of the church tried to take him down. >> police are still on scene collecting evidence at the sikh temple where law enforcement sources say an army veteran shot and killed 6 people. he's identified as 40-year-old wade michael page. sources tell cbs news he was less than honorably discharged in 1998 and used a 9 millimeter pistol. sgllsz this was the only -- >> this was the only shooter. there's nothing more to worry about. >> the fbi searched page's house in near by towns for any sign of a motive. investigators are looking into whether this was a hate crime, based on evidence, including tattoo's on
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page's body. >> we leave our doors open for any religion, any creed. >> witnesses say the shooting happened around 10:30 sunday morning at the sikh temple of wyoming here in oak creek -- in wisconsin here at oak creek. >> when officers arrived on scene the suspect ambushed a 21-year-old veteran outside and shot nine times. the gunman exchanged fire with a second officer who shot him dead. >> subject dead. officer down. we have one officer shot. >> family members say the president of the church was killed trying to fight the suspect. >> the fbi shook my hand and hugged me and said your father did a tremendous thing, he troped to stop the -- he tried to stop the guy with a knife. >> two other worshipers and an injured officer are in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds. >> the medical examiner is expected to begin autopsies later today. workers at the main post office downtown over cam by
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carbon know knox side flumes -- monoxide fumes. >> reporter: some very scary moments here at the post office, at least 50 to 60 people are now being treated for possible exposure to carbon monoxide. >> it all started with a sudden fall. >> i received a call approximately 8:30 this morning for an injured person after suffering a fall. >> the chief says paramedics arrived and determined the man had high levels of carbon monoxide. >> they were able to evaluate 38 levels parts per million, which can be serious. >> the carbon monoxide is believed to have come from a generator near one of the doors of the building. >> while the levels are not extremely high, any exposure for
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a long period of time can be dangerous. >> if a person last been exposed for hours, it can certainly be deadly. >> reporter: right now it's back to business here at the post office on east fa yet street. we're told that the leak did not impact the customer service area. back to you, don. >> vung thank -- thank you. the fumes were first identified by the baltimore fire department's task force. two men are behind bars accused d of firing into a crowd. a fight broke out saturday morning. melvin watson and dikimbe were pulled over and arrested. a fatal fire is under investigation in baltimore county this noon. it broke out in this bedroom of this house on saturday afternoon. an 80-year-old woman was founded dead inside.
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-- found dead inside. her identity has not been released to us. the maryland house of delegates has set a date for its special session. they are set to meet this friday to debate expanded gambling. that's a day after the senate is scheduled to reconvene. the speaker says delegates will debate about the light of pit -- about the light of pit bulls. health officials are urging you to not visit the pigs at the county or state fair. 12 new cases of swine flu in other areas of the country and have been linked to people exposed to pigs at fairs. no cases have been reported in maryland but this is the time of the year the fairs kick off. the state fair is about a month away. 7 minutes of terror turns into a huge success. ron matz is live with the latest on the
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mars rover curiosity. >> reporter: it took 10 years and $2.5 billion but nasa is looking at live pictures from mars. engineers cheered when it touched down this morning after blasting through the atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour. minutes later it beamed back the first pictures from mars. the spacecraft is on a mission to find the building blocks of life on the red planet. >> this is not an incremental step forward, it's revolutionary. >> if you divide it by every woman, child, man in this country comes out to be the cost of the movie -- i know i speak on behalf of all my colleagues, that's a movie i want to see. >> reporter: singer will i am wrote a song called reach for the mars and it will be played for the first time from the surface. >> i guess will i am will have the first hit on mars. the president said it's an
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unprecedented feet of technology. storms rolled through maryland late yesterday twice. a nascar race in pennsylvania turned deadly lightening strike. one person is dead, nine others were hurt. witnesses say there was a loud bang and a flash and they saw people lying on the ground. nothing as severe is predicted for our weather today or hopefully in the near future. we're still dealing with the heavy cloud cover. i can see some blue sky right there. we have marty bass in the out back and bernadette woods in the first warning weather center keeping an eye on what is coming up. good afternoon, bernadette. >> good afternoon. it's a transition. the clouds are starting to give way to sunshine. we will show you the doppler. this is why. the frovent is slowly move -- the front is slowly moving off to our south. you can see a few scattered showers. we could see
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a couple thunderstorms this afternoon. the northern side of that is really starting to break up. as far as rainfall goes, as with the case of thunderstorms, it really does vary. nearly an inch in towson, just over a half inch at be right -- inch at bwi where we keep the record. that's not going to help our deficit. we do have a couple l of up -- couple of ups and downs. now out to marty ty >> reporter: a -- to marty. >> reporter: a nice break tomorrow from the thunderstorms we'll see during the week. tomorrow pleasant, be a little bit of humidity around, temperatures still in the upper 80s. notice out to the northwest here comes another frontal boundary moving our way. that's going to mean another round of showers and passing thunderstorms. that will be on wednesday. we're still not done with this pattern. bernadette woods is going to have those
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details coming up shortly. now back inside. >> thank you. lon don's 2012 summer olympics aren't over yet but community leaders are looking way ahead to the 2024 games. the area's unsuccessful bid, they're going to have discussions about making another run at the games. several people involved d the bid. they -- involved in the bid. they will support another try. still to come, an up close look at some whales. what happened next. >> the court date for the man accused of shooting gabby giffords. what will he plead? >> the sun is in and out of the clouds. you're complete forecast is still coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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it is partly sunny, meaning some clouds, and 88 in central maryland. your complete forecast is coming up. the man charged with shooting congresswoman gabby giffords is expected to plead guilty tomorrow. they believe he's now competent to understand
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the charges againsts him. he's -- against him. he's been held for killing 6 people at a gathering in houston. if it's accepted he will receive a sentence of life in prison. tragedy tribings a family headed it -- strikes a family headed on on vacation. a suspected drunk driver crashed into their car, a car carrying family of four. an 8-year-old is dead, the other members of the family suffered non-life threatening injuries. the suspected drunk driver was ejected from his pick up and run other by another kafr and pronounced -- car and pronounced dead at the scene. the people retiring are the first part of generation of workers that paid more into social security taxes than that'll get back. social security was enacted and those taxes remained low for decades. a young whale in sidney's
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harbor learns a painful lesson about staying away from a ferry boat. the cap pin reported hitting an unknown object. it turns out it was a whale and a calf. whale watchers spotted a gash about 3 feet long on the animal. the whale's protective layer of blubber should protect them. they were able to swim out of the harbor on their own. kind of cool. i hope they're not hurt badly. still ahead, a sticky, muggy monday. the sun tries to breakthrough the clouds. first warning weather is just ahead. >> first let's take a look at today's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the showers and storms slowly moving away. clouds breaking up into sunshine. that's going to continue through the afternoon. the winds have turned around to the north. it's not a huge wind. this is a slow moving front. temperatures, it's 88 already in baltimore. that's the warm spot across the state. the dew points were in the mid 70s this morning. they will stop the drop through the afternoon. slightly drier air coming in. 83 cumberland. here's that front. look how strung out it's become. when it gets strung out they slow down. this time we will get just enough to our south to give us that break. through the next couple of days, not only is the noiseture moisture -- mois moving up to the front but a new front is going to come into play. southern maryland may get a thunderstorm. on wednesday here comes that next front. it will stoort te -- start to draw back up some of
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this moisture. more thursday into friday is when we're going to see this front come across with more widespread showers around thunderstorms. now, we have to deal with the tropics. this is still a tropical storm. this is ernesto. you see along that track it became a category 1 hurricane. that's what the forecast is. it will make a land fall into in behis or the yuktan. when it's strengthening that's never good news when it's making land fall. here's florence, also a tropical depression. it was a tropical storm. that is not going to amount to much for the island. you see, it takes along this track north of the island. that's where most of the computer models take this. we will continue to track this, but it's far out there and not a big storm at this point. back here at home, some drying out conditions for most of us today. 91 for our high.
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tonight, parredically cloudy 68. tomorrow sunny -- partly cloudy, 68. tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy skies, 89 for our high. mar ti ty will have the -- marty will have the five day coming up. still to come, what about a spoon full of honey? remember wjz 13 is always on for you. here's some stories we're following on our website at this hour. for constant updates all of that day's news and that first warning weather forecast go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. welcome back. there's the sun. a little bit of it is coming out. that's the friend we're going to see through the afternoon. for more on the next few days, here is marty in the
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out back. >> reporter: let's take a look at that five day. a little bit of a roller coaster er when it comes to passing showers. nothing that should ruin any day. you know, not unlike yesterday, we could see bouts of showers and/or thunderstorms at any time thursday, friday and saturday. 88, 89, 91, 87 and 85 this first full week of august. back inside. >> the first full week of august. >> how about that? where did the summer go? tune into cbs tonight on wjz. at 10:00 it's hawaii 5-0 followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. the world series of cliff diving is making a splash. the world's best 14 divers are competing from a 92 high foot flat form diving into a blowhole. a russian took first
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place. he won after doing a back, triple summer salt with three twists. it looks like the original olympics before they moved them inside. >> there's walls all along his side. that's scary. >> that's why i'm sitting here. thank s for watching. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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